Friday, February 23, 2007

California here we come

California has held an exotic appeal for me since high school when during the painful heart of the Chicago winter I would huddle around a television and watch rollerblading videos from Orange County.

I once aspired to attend the University of Southern California (out-of-state tuition equals down right impossible for me), I dreamed of moving to Los Angeles to try writing screen plays (I've worked in food service before and hope not to repeat it), and I still one day aspire to work in that state. So to say this trip means more to me than three days of music and a day trip to Tijuana seems inaccurate.

In high school, my friends and I spoke of a road trip to end all road trips. We planned to finish our academic careers and adventure across the country, winding our way to southern California. While the friends have changed – one engaged to be married, another mired in student teaching – and the purpose has shifted, the final destination remains the same. Southern California, where we will soak up Sun, revel in hip music and learn what it would be like to live as we've always dreamed.

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