Wednesday, February 21, 2007

An open letter to Billy Corgan


It's Zack. You know, Zack Quaintance of Glendale Heights. Yes, that Glendale Heights. We share the same hometown as I so liberally point out to anyone who mentions a love for Smashing Pumpkins or that so and so Joe Nobody is from their respective hometown. If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm very proud of you becoming an international celebrity and having grown up in the same five pawn shop, shit suburb I did. Kudos.

Enough formalities. Let's talk business. I submit that you should, nay, must reunite at this year's upcoming Coachella Arts and Music Festival. I see the Pumpkins are busy playing shows at festivals all across Europe. Bring it home Billy. Play Coachella. Did you ever play park district basketball at the Sports Hub? Or grab a hot dog at the second Portillos ever? You know, the little hut on North Avenue by the bowling alley. In case you haven't been home in a long while, that Portillos has since relocated to North Ave. and Bloomingdale Road. Check it out, same great food, new expanded aesthetics.

Oh yeah, and play Coachella, go Glenbard North and show some love for Glendale Heights.


Zack Quaintance.

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