Sunday, April 15, 2007

10-day forecast

Ten days are left, better check the weather forecast.

We will leave at 8 a.m. 10 days from now. While the weather in Carbondale affects little outside of the pictures we plan to take of us leaving town, why not check up on it anyway?

Ten days from now, when we shove off, those reputable meteoroligists at report it will be 72 degrees in Carbondale with a 40 percent chance of rain. Geez, glad we're getting out of there. Thats a one in four chance of getting damp on the way to class or forgeting to roll up your car window and having to sit in rain water. It's almost worth the 27-hour trip to avoid all of that nastiness. Let's see what the forecast calls for in Indio, the California town hosting this whole Coachella affair.

Ten days from now, Indio will be 90 degrees and sunny with a mere 10 percent chance of rain. Boo yah. We can only assume that weather forecast will hold true for not only our day of departure but the lenght of the festival as well. That seems hot, but considering the show is in the desert, we're almost getting off easy.

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