Thursday, April 19, 2007

Concert weather forecast

Coachella stands to scorch as midwesterners.

The hottest day around here has brushed 80. puts festival temperatures in the low 90s. That will hurt from about noon until 4 p.m. It will also be unpleasant when the sun hits our tent at 7 a.m., waking us up from much-needed rest after a hard day's rocking.

We will combat the sun. Exposed flesh gets covered with sun block, we buy $20 to $30 worth of bottled water each day. We spend as much time as we can watching acts in one of the festival's tent venues during the day. I plan to wear a wife beater and carry aspirin during the day, which I will likely eat like candy. It will be fun, but only if we handle the elements. Carrying a large umbrella might also come in handy, given the intensity of the dessert sun. On the plus side, expect to see all of us back with a crisp, California tan.

That is of course, if we don't spend too much time lounging in the shade from enourmous phalic pieces of art that appear to be strewn about the camp ground, at least in this photo taken from the Coachella Web site. But as it stands, has a high of 92 for Friday and 93 for Saturday. The Web editor there has even seen fit to put a little link of Saturday tittled "Fun things to do on a hot day." I can't help but wonder if wander around a polo field with thousands of sweaty music fans is somewhere tied to that link.

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