Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Time starts to crawl

Six days until we shove off and there's still much to do.

Gas prices have soared at just the wrong time and we're looking at $100 each for fuel, plus another $10 to pay for the oil change that results from all this mileage. I've only collected half of those funds from the crew.

Next, we need to buy many trip essentials. Sun block, car trivia, aspirin, shoe insoles, disposable cameras we still need to get all this. On top of that, most all of us have job/school obligations to fulfill.

I have one more week to put in at the community newspapers I work at. The next six days I have to take at least three photos and cover the high school sports happenings in two rural communities. Being six days away from an epic road trip does not make that exciting. Anthony has much school work to fulfill as he takes classes full time, and Wayne still toils in indentured servitude at the Daily Egyptian, meaning he's kept busy as well.

With all this left to do, one would think time would fly by...not so. Six days, just six days, and the set times should be revealed on or before Monday. That will be exciting.

Here's another photo from the Coachella site of what awaits us when this wait wraps up.

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