Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Southern Illinois University Carbondale helps out

The University from which we flee a full week of class will help send us to Coachella.

When coming out of the weight room at Southern Illinois University Carbondale's Student Recreation Center Anthony Souffle noticed something. Something that would save us time, money and hassle. As a service to students, the Recreation Center rents tents, sleeping bags and camping pads for a week at a time. Wayne brings one tent for him and Tim to sleep in. Anthony and I will rent another tent from the school for a piddly $25 fee. We will all likely pay the $5 to rent sleeping bags and pads to go in said tents.

Meanwhile, we will be borrowing this equipment to cruise from the heart of Southern Illinios, two hours outside of St. Louis, to the west coast. Where about the same lenght of time away from San Diego we will camp with our school's supplies in the designated area for this year's Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. Oh yeah, and we're giving up four to five designated class days to do so. Everyone needs to think hard about how to make the system work for them. We did.

Pictured above is the Southern Illinois University Carbondale Student Recreation Center, which collects fees from us hard working students each and every semester. In addition to giving us a place to train and prepare physically for the rigors of Coachella, the establishment will also rent us tents, sleeping bags and pads for our trip. We pay for it, after all. Photo taken from the SIUC Rec Center Web site.

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Anonymous said...

My God. I love you boys. Way to be enterprising.