Monday, April 9, 2007

The atmosphere

We're from the midwest, where a sombrero on the wall and telemundo on the screen means a Mexican restaurant, where frozen shrimp and boat-themed exterior mean seafood and fern bars typically rule the evening dining scene. In other words, we're used to lame atmosphere.

But the surroundings at Coachella seem anything but lame. We've surfed through mounds of festival pictures, we've watched the DVD and we're ready for all this has to offer. The art show, while none of us really produce that sort of creative material, appeals. The surroundings -- mountains, palm trees, a pristine polo field in the dessert -- are nothing like the area we grew up in where a cornfield or a healthy dose of pines passes for nature.

Catching as many bands as possible sits high on our to do list, but we won't ignore the colorful lights at night or the Tesla Coil shooting electricity through out, making our 27 drive during the last semester of college for a few of us to catch a concert under the dessert sky even more surreal.

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