Tuesday, April 3, 2007

An ode to Vince

Without Vince Cicero, a friend of mine who moved to Buffalo, N.Y. after high school, this trip would not be happening.

Vince was one of my only friends who constantly talked about Rage reuniting as much as I did. One night we were blizzarded into a Best Western motel room next to the Buffalo air port. For some reason I had packed a boom box into my luggage when I flew from Chicago to New York to interview for an internship at the Buffalo News, which later turned me down after I flew there on my own dime in the middle of the horrid New York winter.

We rocked out to the self titled album and talked about the implications a reunion show would bring -- we'd both have to stop everything we're doing and go. So when Rage announced the Coachella reunion, I called Vince. The logistics were challenging. A 28 hour drive, a $300 three day ticket price and no where to stay means many problems.

Vince put it all in perspective: "I'll pay $400 to see Rage, I don't give a f*ck."

The saying applies to more than just the money. It speaks to the nature of this trip. What is really worth more, money or an unforgettable experience? What should one value most, the material or experiences that cannot be bought and sold?

The decision was made. Unfortunately, Vince had just signed the lease for an apartment in Buffalo, and crossing the country would be impossible. I wish he'd be there for the reunion, but because Rage has added an east coast date on the Rock the Bells Tour he still may catch them. Either way, without Vince, this trip doesn't happen. Thanks man.

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