Sunday, April 22, 2007

Release the set list!

Dear Coachella organizers,

We need the set list. You booked more than 60 bands for this festival, meaning we have an opportunity to see 60 bands. But without the set list we know not which acts will fit into our schedule. The general feeling around here is that only the Arcade Fire and Rage Against the Machine are untouchable, other than that it comes down to you set list.

We know you have the times. Festival gates open Friday, you have to have the times. Stop toying with us and release them. The run up to the festival has dragged by painfully enough, why not give us something to ease that wait? We need to plan our times.

Also, if I spend any more time yelling "give me the set times" at my laptop, my roommates may have me committed, and that would be bad, because I would totally miss the show.

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