Thursday, April 12, 2007

Good news for you!

Worry not gentle reader, we will be able to update the blog occasionally as our journey unfolds. Goldenvoice, the festival organizer, released more information about the camping area recently.

In addition to a double feature movie Thursday night projeted on a giant inflatable screen, the camping area will also feature a full bar with karaoke, a raffle for early bird arrivals and most importantly a computer tent.

In the computer tent, one can surf the internet, recharge cell phones and store laptops during the day. This last bit benefits us tremendously. Anthony Souffle, our crew's resident photographer, practically lives with his laptop. We inittially worried a laptop would be stolen or melted during the journey. But we worry no more.

Anthony can use the tent during the day to surf the web and store his laptop in there as the show unfolds. So why is that such good news for you? Well, we'll have the laptop on the road, which means we can steal wireless from Super 8 hotels and let the world know of our progress.

We will also be able to put Anthony's photos from inside the show on the web, as well as any writing I feel up to. Exciting stuff for you guys I'm sure.

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