Monday, March 5, 2007

BREAKING NEWS: Manu Chao is here!

Manu Chao Radio Bemba Sound System has reached the apartment of Zack Quaintance, a 22-year-old fan who ordered the album more than a week ago on and has spent every moment since wondering when it would come.

Quaintance, thrilled with his day already given the beautiful weather, unlocked his silver, apartment mailbox located just south of the Lewis Park office to find an album-sized package.

Giggling more than a grown man should, he raced back to his apartment, which sits near Lewis Park's entrance. Quaintance found his home empty, and surmised his roommates must be "doing something way lamer than dancing to Manu Chao alone."

The senior at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, who plans to graduate this May, played the album ear-smashingly loud despite being utterly alone. Within moments he broke a sweat.

Local authorities estimate the high energy tunes spread excitement within a half-mile radius, causing Lewis Park residents and local alcoholics entrenched at Pinch Penny Pub's newly opened beer garden to tap their feet.

For any interested parties, Quaintance says a raucous celebration of the disc's arrival will run pretty much non-stop until 2, possibly 3 a.m.

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