Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Concert-going attire is very important

The key to an undertaking such as this is preparation, from extensive maps right down to what we wear to the show each day.

The Coachella festival features an ecclectic mix of indie bands, electronic music and hip hop. As such, the style in the crowd will be too diverse to classify. We need to stake out our place amongst those in attendence by downing our own distinctive fashions.

Wayne seems dressed for a concert most days anyway, so no problem for him.

Tim has volunteered to sport Acapolco shirts and khaki shorts a la Hunter S. Thompson. This get up lets people know one has come to party and they will not be stopped.

Anthony's main concern centers around how to take quality photographs within the festival, seeing as press credentials are said to be very difficult for photojournalists to come by and the rules disallow any camera with a detachable lens. He said he'll figure something out. Updates to come.

Zack Q will of course be clad in a white wife beater, black cargo pants with one leg rolled up, and a red bandana tied around his forehead with hair hanging over the top. This outfit is all business-minded and well suited for surviving Coachella.

Photo caption: police at a past Coachella arrest a streaker. We plan to wear clothes, but who knows what stands to go down during Rage's set. Photo taken from the Coachella message board.

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