Saturday, March 24, 2007

On the road part three: Putting on our O face

We have decided to leave Carbondale at 8 a.m. Wednesday rather than noon. This will hasten our trip, tire us out so sleep in the car is easier and put us in the desert for sun set rather than the bowels of Oklahoma.

Still, we must pass through Oklahoma to get to our scenic desert sun set. Part three of the trip is not fun. It will usher in our second driver of the day, seeing as we plan to switch shifts every six hours once we stop for gas. Six hours of driving should put us right around the Oklahoma-Missouri border.

Once we come into Oklahoma we'll still have 190 miles to drive on I-44 going west. After doing that for a while we exit onto I-40 still going west for another 40 miles or so. This takes us right out of Oklahoma and toward Amarillo.

Since we have shifted our departure time, our journey through Oklahoma should happen from 2 p.m. to about 8 p.m. But once we get into Texas we'll be very close to moving into a new timezone, which may save us an hour or to. It's important to remember, the faster we arrive, the more time we have for going to the beach and bumming around Mexico.

Photo: here you see our path through Oklahoma as estimated by myself using the paint program. Photo taken from, it was the best OK map I found.

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