Thursday, March 15, 2007

Three ways Tijuana turns tough

Here are three titles and alliterations for scenarios in which our trip to Tijuana ends in life-shattering horror:

-Tim’s Tijuana transvestite tragedy, thank respected Hickory Record (N.C.) photojournalist Alan Rogers for that one.

-Wayne’s wacky western wedding to a wife with a wang

-An alcohol-fueled Anthony angrily annihilates any and all American amigos

Oh yeah, also I could become the second Zack from SIU’s journalism program to take a bullet in the ass. Few words start with Z or Q. Here’s a picture of Zack Creglow, whose ass stopped a bullet, saving puppies for some reason. That picture was taken from his Myspace page.

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Anonymous said...

Thats the first time he has ever been around a bitch thats WET.